Our Services to Businesses in Developing Countries

AiPF Limited was founded by a group of experts from Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific. Their primary concern was to meet the increasing demand for alternative approach to consulting by providing comprehensive approach towards capacity building and competitiveness. The Human Capital Centred Economic Development is seen as key to successful economic development.

Trade and Investment needed to complement the Aid programmes provided to developing or even post conflict countries.

  • Two Primary Challenges the Founders Foresaw Were:

    • Aid from developing countries towards rich countries need to be accompanied by public sector reforms, capacity building and opportunity to trade. This view entailed a totally different approach towards understanding and capacity building requirements. Capacity in terms of knowledge, expertise and attitudes of the players towards each other –donor-vis-à-vis recipients.
    • The need for Trade means also need to attract investments, in other way, to convince investors that their investments are safe with you the clients. This requires lots of convincing that merging and developing economies have often little appreciation how to go about. Particularly, every case is different and every investor is likely to require specific information before they can make up their minds whether to pursue interest or not.

Economics and World Economic profile is changing rapidly. Many businesses and Entrepreneurs from developed countries are moving towards emerging and developing countries searching for greener markets.

Our work towards this goal is to assist businesses in OECD member countries especially Europe to know how they can enter a new market. We conduct market research for them, identify and recommend likely successful products, devise market entry strategies, make initial regulatory assessment and help determined how likely it may impact on your business entry. In certain circumstances, we help identify interested parties or potential interests in Joint Ventures. Either in the form of PPP, or Entrepreneurs with similar interests.

Keep in mind, we always remain independent so you are assured of the right analysis and we walk along with you all the way through.

Challenges and Opportunities for Global Trade and Investments

We understand and appreciate business opportunities that abound within often resource rich developing economies. Developing countries are vastly populated with rampant poverty even though they are abounding with natural resources and human capital. Many of these developing countries could export but internal market conditions remains very week and poorly connected and the fragile economic fundamentals are failing them.

  • We help businesses to understand local dynamics, local cultures and to identify their market potentials within and beyond their national boundaries by offering extensive Market research. Whereas feasible, we work with those clients to connect them with the most appropriate clients, investor and potential clients for their products. Download the Initial client Loan Inquiry form[1] to fill and send to us. More of the Services we offer are documented in AIPF SERVICES-commercial . 


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