AiPF Projects in Africia


new-center_picIn Africa, we have continued to focus on training and public sector reforms. In the capacity front, the most poplar courses are on ToTs, coaching and mentoring modules, M&E, Gender Mainstreaming and Transformational Leadership. We currently have plans to focus on investments and investor awareness workshops and conferences from those countries with assessed potentials in mining, tourism, construction and human capital development.

Business Structure:

Organisation structure and responsibilities of officers constitute an important strategy to be able to deliver comprehensive, high quality programmes that meet our client needs and ensures our revenue is sustained and is improving all the time. Unlike many consulting firms, our model focused on transfer of know-how during and after the consulting process. Each department is dotted with expertise to conduct Capacity Building Need Assessment and Analysis, Design Responsive Programmes and ensure the in-house accreditation is rigorous and appropriate to the actual problem.

To allow international exposure and connectivity, our officials have excellent profile and knowledge beyond their geographical boundaries. They constitute our core management team, led by world class experts in world class experts in entrepreneurship and industry policy, strategy, trade, science, technology and innovation.

Business Model

We have a unique business model which holds an active database of the world’s best experts that have access to meet our clients’ needs. By exploiting 21st century on-demand and advanced technology; time and costs are managed efficiently and in a sustainable manner.


AiPF and its partners continue to think creatively about the ways we can support our clients and help then unlock potentials. We strive to be near our clients where we are able to provide local solutions with a global outlook. By focusing on lessons learnt, on unlocking potentials and building and transferring the know-how, we believe more responsible consulting can make a difference. That is why we value local knowledge and blend this with global experience to give you the best solution. At AiPF and partners, we will continue to strive for our client’s success and unlocking the maximum potential.

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