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Introduction to the Course:

There is a huge difference between being a good executive and a good leader. And the difference has very little to do with factors such as dedication, hard work, and expertise, or even EQ, intelligence, and creativity. What, then, sets the leader apart from others? What really makes one a good leader worthy of respect and admiration? Which leaders are considered to be transformative and why? What do we learn from them? The objective of this course is to address these issues. Among other things, you will learn  how  great leaders think and work, what makes some leaders succeed and others fall, how leaders cope with mistakes and uncertainties, and, most importantly, how transformational leaders influence and inspire their people to greater performance

What makes a great leader? What differentiate Mandela to Winston Churchill or of the recent history, Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore? What makes the Xero darling to The Disyney land former CEO? We can list so many leaders that we know somethings about. In this course there is something Unique and we go through the technical as well as the philosophical mind of great and transformative leardership as we craft your own journey in the leadership. We are not about change management and the classic leadership training will not be what to expect. The session is simply that “Transformative Leadership”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know what it takes to be a transformational leader
  • Establish the difference between Good and poor leaders
  • Understand practical issues faced by leaders
  • Learn a few “new” and “provocative” ideas and understand the “softpower” of leadership
  • The course is appropriate to current very successful and aspiring top performers in all walks of the business and political life

Expected Impact/Outcome:

Upon completion of the course, participants should:

  • Be able to cultivate the mindset, attitude and behavior of a transformational leader
  • Identify the nuts and bolts of empowering and inspiring people (i.e., people-oriented leadership)
  • Practice and demonstrate how to stand up as a leader worthy of respect within one’s sphere or work
  • Improved persons as leaders in our communities and businesses
  • Learn how to handle difficult situations as leaders who need to make transformative decisions and impact
  • Know what a good vs. a not-­so-good leader is like
  • Be able to develop a work programme that they would/will implement within their sphere of influence/departments/institutions and lead to demonstrable transformative qualities
  • Identify establish how they will work towards distinguishing themselves from being just leaders and become transformational leaders
  • Understand human motivation and human performance in greater depth
  • Know how to influence, motivate, and inspire others
  • Become more competent and hence confident as a leader in one’s organisation
  • Above all, know what it takes to be a transformational leader in practical terms
  • And Much More!

Remember: In most cases all leaders will achieve change but few are transformative. In this training you will have learnt how to shift from being a “change- leader” to become a “transformational leader”.


  • The 15-­Day Program shall incorporate two components, namely:
  • In-class training (5 days)
  • On-the‐job personalized and group coaching (10 days)

The program shall begin with five days of in-­class training, followed by ten days of coaching.

    • Lots of case studies!
    • Video clips and movie analysis
    • Experiential and action-­‐based learning approaches
    • Applications of the course contents in the real world


  • Self-­Discovery: Understand one’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Goal Setting: Ability to make the organisation’s goals clear and vivid to others
  • Goal Setting: Ability to enthuse others and generate a commitment to the organisation’s goals
  • Communication: Ability to communicate effectively to influence others
  • Motivation: Ability to motivate, encourage, and inspire others to greater performance
  • Team-‐Building: Effectiveness in getting the team to work cohesively
  • Conflict Management: Effectiveness in managing conflicts at the workplace
  • And Much More!


  • More KPIs may be added to the above list upon confirmation
  • A scorecard will be specially designed to measure the above KPIs. Measurements of the KPIs will be taken before, during, and after the 15-­Day Programme

Eligibility Criteria for All Our Programmes:

  • Hold a minimum Education at a Degree Level from a recognised Institution
  • Have a minimum of Three Years of Experience at work at the minimum level of Senior Officer/Manager  in a Public/Private or Civil Society organisation with decision making/leadership or accountability level which involves managing people, projects, teams or finances
  • Speak and write fluent English


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Course participants must have a valid visa if booking a training programme in a country which requires one.


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