Public Sector Reform (2017)



Start Date:Multiple course start dates

Location: Multiple course locations available

Duration: 5 Days



Introduction to the Course:

The public sector is one of  the largest spender sectors and employer in virtually every developing country, and it sets the policy environment for the rest of the economy.

Learning Objectives:

You will learn how to plan and implement wide ranging reform and the rationale that is behind the public sector reforms within the wide context of development practice. You will have grasped the conceptual planning of reform, the technical and political implications of reforms on public policy, public financial management, accountability, and how to leverage existing national systems for accountability and transparency in the reform process.

Expected Impact/Outcome:

Reformers are often about creating efficiencies and improve service delivery. You will learn how to make critical choices at critical times and the underpinning reasoning.

Eligibility Criteria for All Our Programmes

  • Have a minimum of Three Years of Experience in relevant position
  • Officer/Manager  in a Public/Private or Civil Society organisation with decision making/leadership role
  • Speak and write fluent English


Payment Options:

This is an online course. The fee is GBP1000.However there is a £500 discount for all training registrations from African Region and The Pacific. Sponsorship must be claimed on registration and the registration must happen before October 30th 2016. Scholarship offers are available for those who register and make payments in full by the due date.

Fees exclude accommodation and material. If you need assistance with booking accommodation please email to




Additional information


Course participants must have a valid visa if booking a training programme in a country which requires one.


The cost/price listed covers training course and local transport to and from the training venue. Food and Accommodation will have to be paid separately If you require accommodation, please email us for further information at: