Balance Score Card


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Introduction to the Course:

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) helps organisations design, clarify and implement their strategy by aligning strategic objectives with projects, services, performance and behaviour. Over the last decade the BSC has become a best-practice strategic management tool worldwide.

This practical programme explains the theory and methods of the BSC and will equip you to design and implement your own Balanced Scorecard. Key contexts for the use of BSC include strategy mapping and strategy implementation, BSC design and structure, organisational capacity assessment and planning, effective measurement, target setting and benchmarking.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to use the BSC to align stakeholders, partners and staff to an organisation’s vision and strategy
  • How to use the BSC as an integrated performance management system
  • How to design and communicate a BSC; The theory and background of the BSC and related tools
  • The role of a BSC in designing and implementing the organisation’s strategy

Expected Impact/Outcome:

  • Help client make recommendations to introduce BSC or improve its implementation across your organisation
  • Link your Balanced Scorecard to your organisation’s strategy and (if needed) challenge the structure and content of that strategy
  • Use a wide variety of internationally recognised BSC tools to support necessary organisational development
  • Create an integrated performance management system and identify and deliver results in vital priority areas

We Will Further Identify

  • The range of challenges to which the BSC can be applied
  • BSC best practice, through selected case studies and visits
  • How to create quality measures for intangibles – such as stakeholder outcomes, process effectiveness, HR, leadership and capacity development
  • How the BSC can identify and implement necessary leadership, behavioural and cultural changes
  • How to design an appropriate method for benchmarking continuous improvement, and train managers in its effective operation

Eligibility Criteria for All Our Programmes:

  • Hold a minimum Education at a Degree Level from a recognised Institution
  • Have a minimum of Three Years of Experience at work at the minimum level of Senior Officer/Manager  in a Public/Private or Civil Society organisation with decision making/leadership or accountability level which involves managing people, projects, teams or finances
  • Speak and write fluent English


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