The Academy of Competitiveness, Globalisation and Business Strategy (ACGBS).

Some of AiPF training offered by AiPF and its accredited partners are accredited by the Academy of Competitiveness and Globalisation and Business Strategy in the UK. Others are accredited by Service Quality Institute (USA). All accredited courses, short training, coaching and mentoring programmes are evidence based capacity building programmes and they carry Key Performance Indicators specified to the trainees and by the trainees before, during and after the training programe.

Courses under ACGBS are delivered by world class experts who combine world class academic excellence with first class hands-on experience in their area of expertise. We strongly recommend you not to miss any of the courses accredited by ACGBS.

You can download introduction to ACGBS profile, its training and capacity building strategies, resources and specialism areas from our website. click here