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In the past two years, this company and its partners around the World have set forth to an ambitious plan of growth. We have opened new business opportunities in the Pacific Region, particularly in the Small Pacific Islands states. Our focus has been so far on the Public Sector Reforms, and Private Sector Development. We are fully  engaged in large projects that target Economic reforms, enhance productivity programmes, Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in client’s business dealings and more, we inject a sense of urgency in service delivery.

Our first and foremost focus on the Private Sector development (particularly) centres on Good Corporate Strategies backed up by Solid market research, and evidence based policy making. We provide strategic advises and coaching support to Companies with struggling positions in the market place. We provide a relationship to relationship knowledge brokerage and trainings that result in  change, revenue saving and growth and in doing so, we open new horizons. Our reputation back us up, and we are always happy to find ways we can offer value for money consulting services to many clients in developed and developing countries.

On this website, you will find many case studies, and clients profile. Our publications are based on practical work we do, so if you find any thing you are interested in, please do feel free to contact us also, visit us on Facebook, or, send us a twitter message.

Deo Harorimana

Group Chairman,

BA (Hons), PGC, PG.CLT (H.E), Ph.D

In the Past, Harorimana was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of a large organization employing over 1200 employees in IT, Assets Management, Human Capital Development, Investment Advisory and Promotion services. Dr Harorimana was appointed as Senior Fellow (2012) to the University of the South Pacific, a Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy (2009), a Fellow of the UK Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain with the Institute of British Geographers (2007) and a Member of The Multi-Year Expert Group to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2010)

Dr Harorimana’s experience spans over 18 years in industry and Academic research and teaching.
In industry, he is described by peers as “inspirational, creative, enterprising and transformative leader who combines complexity and simplicity to get the job done through others”. Dr Harorimana is not new to start ups. He is familiarity with developing and emerging markets took off from his previous roles in Africa where Harorimana is formerly a Senior Executive in Public and Semi-Public Organisations. He says that he learnt to start to start, learn fast and fail fast. From successes and failures he was able to lead and provide impetus turnarounds to failing SOEs, Private Sector Companies where he advised on the restructuring on non-performing assets, debt recovery and convert into assets that generate revenues streams that meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. In Academia, Dr Harorimana is classified as among the World Few specialising in Economic Competitiveness of Nations (through Policy and Strategy); Industry Sectors (electronics, car industry, and Service Sector). He has strong approach to Value Chain integration as part of his Strategy Expertise, Knowledge Management, and Innovation.