Who We Are

AiPF Limited is a registered company Number 8298948 under the companies Act 2006 (England and Wales). Our UK Office is located at 151 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2BT. We can be contacted by email or telephone or visit us at the office. We also have our subsidiaries and partners around the World.

What We Do

At AiPF, We specialise in areas of Human Capital Centred Economic Development and Competitiveness. That is why “i” in middle of our logo is always small letter to symbolise humans. To do this we have created a structure that matches the challenges and problems our clients are likely to face when they wish to be competitive. Two major clients are the Government and the Private Sector.

Our Values

This company is founded on values of innovation, team work, integrity, equity and access.

Our Vision

Building dynamic and competitive economies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide sound business strategy advisory services and sound policies that emphasise sustainability and innovation.  We aim to provide value to our shareholders while ensuring corporate social responsibility is maintained through entrepreneurship support and training of future experts and leaders.

  • For The Private Sector

    For The Private Sector:

    We focus on Company positioning in the market place through market research and good business strategy, Good network building, excellent brands and marketing. You cannot achieve this without a well trained workforce, dynamic business acumen among many of your managers and indeed, many entrepreneurs and small Business Owners do not have these essential skills and vital connections.

  • For The Government

    For The Government:

    We focus on policy and strategy related work. We conduct informative research, and help governments make the most appropriate policy choices (evidence based policy). We assist with strategic options, choices and of course, we are more than happy to assist with the implementation. Unlike many consulting firms, AiPF policy is to focus on sustainable solutions. We do not to accept assignments which risk taking accountability away from those who are accountable to stakeholders or electorate. Hence our main focus is on building our client’s capacity and transfer of know-how-this ensures future self-sustainability.

How AiPF Can Help You:

  • We can certainly help. Do ask if you wish to build your capacities, extend your business frontiers, drive your business innovations and unlock your potentials. Beyond the major client base, we also have diversified company that you can expect from a global player.

Investments Towards and from Emerging and Developing Economies:

  • AiPF has extensive experience on Market research and investment promotion from those clients (including government departments) who are interested to attract investors to their own countries. Investment conferences, products promotions, brand consulting and marketing all offered in one offers value for money. It is possible to organise investment conference as a country or as a country promoting a particular sector. In this case, a tailor made event is most appropriate as it is Taylor made to your sector—e.g. mining, agriculture, tourism and hospitality, services etc. Please get in touch with your initial idea so that our official can develop it with you.
  • Entrepreneurs from developing countries do gather three times a year and benefit from our service through our business connection workshops and network dinners where they can book and present their business ideas, meet potential investors, and share the experience with those with similar passion. Please book the slot for yourself before space run out.
  • Responding to our clients in emerging economies and developing countries, AiPF has now opened a specialist branch on Investment Promotion.This department is now staffed by capable, well networked staffs who receives inquiries from Governments and Entrepreneurs and follow them throughout the period to ensure they are realised in the most professional and timely fashion with minimal costs to our clients.